Music School

The new Conservatory of Bilbao is located on an exempt city block in the neighbourhood of Deusto, where it coexists with an important Metro station whose glass shell stands out ostensibly.
Because of the possibility of an intervention on all of the surrounding space, the proposed building is limited to a close relationship with the topography of the lot, looking more towards urban integration and consolidation of the area, with a singular prominence.
This is precisely because we are dealing with an educational centre, where a wide programme of classrooms, workshops, rehearsal areas, etc., much be structured, all of this including an auditorium to hold 400 people.
Once the linear location of the project to the back of the lot was decided, the main issue became the manifestation of the natural slope of the plaza by means of the roof; in this way the building accompanies the urban space in its inclined gestures.
To reduce impact of the resulting volume, the building is sunken under the land and surrounded by separating crevices on its long sides.
On the outside, it appears as an elementary glass volume that holds a second body inside, fractured by narrow transversal patios that let in natural light to classrooms and other areas, reducing possible acoustic impact from outside.
In this way, all areas receive natural light, a sensation that is perceived when passing through the common areas of the building.

Finalist at the COAVN Awards 2010.
Basque Government
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Laura Angulo. Architect
Patxi Galarraga. Architect
Ana Aizpuru.Architect. Coord.Work
Agustín Tajada. Draftsm
L.K.S. Structural Engineer
Engineering Eko Acoustic
Ikonografik. Indicating
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
Javier Valdivielso
Gorka Sagasti
Construction Company
UTE Conservatorio
11.300 m²
Works Budget
11.595.140 €
Ibarrekolanda Square. Bilbao

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