Housing Units in Bilbao

This proposal reinterprets the traditional closed block.
Façades keep their urban alignment, abruptly altering their cross-section, for improved sunlight in the inner patio.

The different openings on façades allow the establishment of a visual link with the surrounding area and towards the plaza of the Conservatory.

The noticeable slope between the different streets makes entrance access more difficult. A shared grade-level entrance is proposed from the central patio to all of the flats. With that entrance, a common patio is incorporated, with its garden and sunlight, as a meeting and interaction point which allows access to all flats without architectural barriers.
A glass façade, even in the garden patio, unifies the image of the homes.

ANIDA Servicios Inmobiliarios
Roberto Ercilla
23.145 m²
Ibarrekolanda Square. Bilbao
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