Tabakalera. Competition
2008. San Sebastian

Since we are talking about a public building, their presence from the city is scarce. The horizontal profile, the trees and nearby buildings hide it..

It is imperative that Tabakalera has to be a reference from the city center, it has to be visible.

Because of that, we propose the incorporation of an upper floor , a glazed pergola as a urban lamp, breaking the barriers , to identify the building.

This should open up to Donostia , for what we practice a lateral opening in the facade, first floor level, which establishes a direct relationship between the future elevated square and the building through the Multipurpose Room.

The proposal is based on a very clear idea: the creation of a new space, light and airy, as opposed to the preexisting heavy manufacturing aspect.

For this, it is a great top floor with panoramic view of Donostia , with adjustable overhead light. Finally, all images of Tabakalera are from the air. The new top floor, with its layers of glass and lattice, acts as 5th facade of the building, the largest one, as a big screen in reference to the activities of the Centre, which enables images from the air according to the orientation of the slats

Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea
Roberto Ercilla
Iñaki Bergera
Iñigo Beguiristain
Amaia Vasallo y Mamen Orbañanos. Environmental Management
26.000 m²
Works Budget
42.300.000 €.
San Sebastián.
tabakalera 004.jpg tabakalera 006.jpg tabakalera 007.jpg tabakalera 014.jpg tabakalera 013.jpg tabakalera 001.jpg