180 Housing Units in La Rinconada
2011. La Rinconada. Sevilla

The heart of the building is a continuous courtyard giving access to housing , giving in all cases of cross ventilation thanks to the double orientation , improving the livability and comfort . The street-courtyard becomes the unique element of the proposal. The ground floor will be a space for community activities, encouraging interaction among neighbors. A lattice top provides shade, generating heat flows that facilitate heat removal in summer originated inside the houses.

Seven lifts and stairs are projected for all housing units. Through a system of covered walkways are given access to the houses.

Facade Coteterm type (external insulation), painted white; continuity of insulation.
Continuous windows lighting the interior spaces. The darkening solar control windows is done by an adjustable horizontal slats, from the outside , getting more energy efficient.

In the courtyard are spaces with banks. Pedestrian areas are paved with concrete. Children's areas are designed in sandstone. A group of bitter orange, native tree and a pergola provide shade.

2nd Prize Competition
EPSA. Conserjería de obras públicas y vivienda.
Roberto Ercilla.
Technical Architects
Amaya Vasallo
22.650 m2
La Rinconada. Sevilla
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