Housing Units in Larrein
Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2008

We propose a different view of the square type tower, usual in new neighborhoods.

A friendly image, which slightly modifies the initial volume and establishes a direct relationship with the archetypal idea of home relating the basic parallelepiped with sloping roofs.

The addition of new spaces jardiniere-vegetable patch (approx 3 m2 per dwelling) introducing vegetation in the front, allowing to have a small garden at home.

An exterior unit treatment, through a ventilated recycled aluminum façade with reinforced insulation and gaps that enhance the overall volumetric proposal.

Maximum use of the floor, with 4 airy homes.

The proposal is made with a single type with heights of B+9. Tower building, next to Main Striit. The stair is always oriented to the North.

Construcciones EBA
Roberto Ercilla
Mamen Orbañanos
Technical Architects
Amaya Vasallo
Construction Company
Construcciones EBA
11.884 m²
Works Budget
9.000.108 €
Infografia 02.jpg Infografia 01.jpg secccons.jpg plantas.jpg concepto.jpg