Students Residence
Leioa, Bizkaia. Competition

The project desarrrolla a residence for prostrate on the Campus of Leioa, Bizkaia. By emptying the central space is achieved the creation of a community court for coexistence through stepped platforms that connect all floors.

 The rooms are organized around this common space. The flexible design allows the introduction of variables in the program reported alternative rooms or double.

 The exterior facade is solved with a double skin:

-Outer skin movable vertical louvre system of aluminum, which enables regulation of the natural light and visual privacy.

-Leather interior, consisting of pre-assembled modules built insulated panels and sliding aluminum joinery.

 On deck is achieved a landscaped for use as a solarium. Acts as thermal cushion the building, reducing energy demand.

 The atrium roof rises above the rest, getting the entry of light and ventilation into the central space.

 Two stairways along with central staircase resolved vertical communications.

Basque Country University
Roberto Ercilla

-Concursos de ideas. Residencia para Personal Investigador y Estudiantes de Postgrado en el Parque Científico de la UPV/EHU en Leioa. Universidad del País Vasco. Pág. 99-102

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