Club Joey Coco
Beato Tomás Zumárraga. Vitoria

Two bars articulate the premises, the main is treated as a plarform-table, shared by the public and waiters.
The whole establishment is organized around an insinuated axis of circulation in grey Portuguese marble. In its path the axis crosses a short bridge of glass and light. The room descends to a dance floor by three wide steps and as a visual finishing touch on that side we placed a wall-aquarium in three sections. Behind this, two steel and translucent glass boxes contain the respective toilets. In this way the space extends above them, without reducing their visual dimension.
The second bar, and the cabin use a mimetic language and hide themselves in two corners. A wall-holder teak tidies the most irregular are of the establishment.
The existing façade of highlighted stonework did not great possibilities for transformation, so that assistance is exclusively for the entrance, proffering a sample of the materials used inside.


First Prize at the COAVN 1991 Awards, Interior Design Category
Pablo Calvo
Roberto Ercilla. Javier Mozas
Construction Company
200 m²
Beato Tomás Zumárraga. Vitoria

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