80 Housing Units in Arechavaleta
2010 Vitoria-Gasteiz

The main goal of this project is the creation of a plant barrier on the west side that separates the new volumes from the existing single family homes, minimising the visual impact of the new construction.
The project is ordered into three volumes, articulated in an L shape, generating open spaces which  are both interacting and independent. Inclination is overcome by means of community stands and ramps. Double access (north – pedestrians and vehicles and south – pedestrians)
The layout of the volumes – 85% of the housing units are south-facing – allow the placement of solar boxes in a gallery which optimises solar captation by means of a sliding glass window, Finnish terrace, which allows a double use. In the winter, closed, it becomes a thermal solar cushion which provides a thermal improvement of 2 to 3 degrees to the house. In the summer, the sliding gallery opens to become a ventilated terrace, which impedes the sun from entering. The closed gallery contributes to improve acoustic insulation.
Garage spaces and storage spaces are laid out on two basement floors with natural ventilation and lighting. Ground level access.
The area with vegetation dug in the activities of land movement will be reused on the green strip to the west. As this straum is conserved, loss is avoided or functionality of natural areas is improved, allowing the maintenance of the biodiversity of the area.


First Prize in the Ensanche 21 Municipal Town Planning Society Competition
EBA Grupo San José
Roberto Ercilla
Technical Architects
Amaia Vasallo
Construction Company
EBA Construction
11.400 m²
Works Budget
8.861.905 €
Parcela OR-11Ssector 19 Arechavaleta. Vitoria
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