173 Housing Units Arechavaleta
2009 Vitoria-Gasteiz

Two independent circular forms are proposed as an alternative to a block of flats or built-up block where the city borders its outskirts. 

Historically, round enclosing forms imply a community idea. The interior space, where one has access to all of the housing units, is perceived to be an area of coexistence. 

The layout in two independent bodies naturally resolves the issue of the steep slope on the plot. The two are connected free of barriers by means of a perimetrical ramp system. 

The housing units surround the centre of the building, with living rooms facing the plaza, unless south-facing, where they are directed towards the sun. 

Floors with parking have natural ventilation, making use of the existing slope with a layout that reduces ground movement to a minimum. 

The movable vertical slats of the outer cladding allow natural light to be regulated on all sides, and provide necessary privacy. They provide a pleasant and unified image of the two buildings. 

The circular layout optimises form and favours higher energy efficience for the entire project.

Finalist Ensanche 21 Municipal Town Planning Society Competition
EBA Grupo San José
Roberto Ercilla
Amaia Vasallo & Mamen Orbañanos. Environmental Management
Construction Company
EBA Grupo San José
15.890 m²
Works Budget
18.159.695 €
Parcela OR-2 Sector 19 Arechavaleta. Vitoria
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