Railroad Area Planning in Durango

The proposal is based on the detachment of the land formerly used by the train company. It is possible to think that a reasonable destiny for this space should be connected to the regeneration of the natural fabric, a type of primitive landscape restoration. This would act as the main support to further activities.
It is manipulated by means of a triangular weft that allows the continuity of the park to be resolved. From the hollow spaces emerge tower blocks.

The train reproduces, in its tunnelling, the natural caves that exist in the area. The proposal emphasizes this cave system by incorporating new underground elements to those planned: a tunnel, parking area, train station, shopping centre, transport interchange, etc.

Buildings. Housing units:
- 7 slim towers placed randomly inside the park. This placement gives a higher value to the housing units, as they are inside the park, and offers a wide variety of typologies
- Each tower is a complete and independent unit. It holds commercial space on ground floor and its own parking area.

Buildings. Euskotren / Station/ Shopping Centre
One singular, iconic building is proposed to serve as the reference point for the new urban centre, Euskotren headquarters and station.
The image of the new building establishes a close relationship with the ground, faceted by its triangular geometry.
The elevated building frees ground space for public use.

Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Local 4. Landscape
Residential 67.500 m²
Headquarters Euskotren 7.291 m²
Commercial 6.592 m²

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