Eroski Offices
Elorrio -Bizkaia- 2001

The building is located in an area with a high quality landscape, something not typical in an industrial zone.
Its frontality highlights the magnificent background that the mountains to the south create.
To alleviate the visual impact of the large car park for 500 vehicles, it was planned to be underground, though open, hidden under metal framework with a mass of vines. Since it is deciduous, it protects from the sun in the summer and allows direct sunlight in during the winter.
The offices are placed on a platform, like a tray that connects east and west sides of the lot.
The exterior of the building is covered with a layer of vertical bars serve in functions of both load-bearing and solar protection.
Two rectangular bodies connected by patios distribute inner space. Each area has direct light and ventilation from the exterior.

Eroski Sdad. Coop.
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
LKS Engineering
Cesar Besada. Architect
Ernesto Larreategui. Maquette
2.982 m²
Neighborhood San Agustín. Elorrio
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