Dato Sur Discotheque
Vitoria-Gasteiz 1991/1991

This is an intervention in an existing discotheque, whose decadent image needed updating. The proposal of simple lines goes after an ordered result where nightlife can alternate with live music and different performances. The textures and colours of the materials become more important than the design, creating a modern image that is atmospherically comfortable.
The entrance is a fundamental element. The façade is resolved in steel and glass and makes the activity inside visible from the outside. The extra height of the entrance allows the placement of a large chandelier which, as a singular element, becomes the logotype of the disco. The entrance then leads down a wide staircase of glass and light, which contrasts the blue stuccoed prism that makes up the foyer.
Two areas are articulated by the dance floor. Performance light is set on a rod that runs across the area. On the other side, a more intimate atmosphere is placed around the third bar. A sliding divider separates the areas at times when there are fewer patrons.

Rubio Bros
Roberto Ercilla
Luis Zufiaur
Fernando Solé. Architect
Juanma Sancho. Draftsman
César San Millán. Photography
Construction Company
600 m²
Works Budget
300.506 €
Station Square. Vitoria-Gasteiz

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