Sport Shop in Mondragon

This project corresponds to the first location of a chain of sports material. The clear choice of materials and forms will successively allow a brand image adapted to its needs.

As it is a shop specialized in sports articles, the objects on display ran the risk of overwhelming the initial planned image. This caused us to develop a space with a repetitive and convincing formulation, a clear strategy of parallel panels that are organized around an axis of circulation and rounded off by two customer service counters.

The parallelism is emphasized by the treatment of the floor and ceiling. Artificial lighting contributes to it, both intermittently and linearly.

Esteban Uribesalgo
Roberto Ercilla
Fernando Solé. Architect
Juanma Sancho. Draftsman
César San Millán. Photography
Construction Company
110 m²
Works Budget
60.101 €
Mondragón -Guipúzcoa-

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