Florida Restaurant
Vitoria-Gasteiz 1995

Currently, there is not a widespread tradition of building shelters, kiosks, etc., integrated in large parks or public spaces.
The adaptation of these types of buildings to their location is linked to the idea of easy construcion (or deconstruction when necessary), quick implementation, and thus the use of light materials, with the adequate technological solutions for each case.
The scale of the location and its difficulties in transport required us to split the program into three connected pavilions.

The building is designed to be a group of pieces prepared in the workshop and later put together in situ.
Not including the basement, two materials dominate construction: wood and glass. The detachable structure of the three bodies is done completely in wood, as are floors, walls, and furniture. Glass covers the two closed transparent bodies.

First Prize Municipal Competition
Special Mention at the COAVN 1996 (Official Basque and Navarrese College of Architects) Awards
Selected for the Ibero-Americana Biennial
Pablo Calvo Aguiriano
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
César San Millán. Photography
Construction Company
Tadecoma. Carpentry
150 m²
Works Budget
150.000 €
Florida Park. Vitoria-Gasteiz

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