Recreational Facilities in Nanclares

The lot containing these facilities is located in the middle of the countryside, opposite the railway tracks and near the town of Nanclares de la Oca, in the province of Alava. Before our intervention, the pool and changing rooms were already there. The project consists of the extension of these facilities by incorporating several sports pitches and a pelota court, the general planning of the exterior space, and its furnishings.
The proposal is structured by a projecting walkway that runs along and delimits the different areas. From this linear element, visually concluded by the parameters of the pelota court, one can access a series of terraces that act as sitting areas and, by means of a long entrance ramp, one can also access the different sports pitches. In addition to its role as a connecting and organizing element, and because of its privileged location, this walkway can also serve as a stand for spectators. Its construction was resolved by means of a four-metre high concrete wall which acts as a retaining wall to the earth of the upper platform. A three-metre thick concrete slab is placed over it, covered with floating treated wood flooring. A fence formed by overlapping wood screens finishes the terraced outer wall that separates the terraces from the surrounding countryside.

City Hall Iruña de Oca
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Javier Bárcena. Architec
Iñaki Echeandía. Architect
Ernesto Larreategui. Draftsman
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
Javier García de Acilu
Construction Company
Opacua S.A.
Works Budget
709.194 €
Nanclares de la Oca -Alava-

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