Special Education School
Llodio -Alava- 1984/1986

This building is a specific type of centre, in this case a Special Education centre. Its location in the town of Llodio, Alava, allows its assistance in the area's different needs.
It is based on arduous conditions: north-facing, sloped land, which makes the work more difficult due to the necessary suppression of architectural barriers and convenient climate protection of the building and adjoining play area. A platform typology is used, with open patios.
The entire building, along with its play field, is organized on one floor, except for the entrance (ramp and stairs), which was placed on a higher body that holds parking and toilets. In the entrance area there is a small park/green area, as an alternative to the paved play area below.
The building is organized by means of four open patios, which can be reached from all areas, by means of a fishbone-like circulation in a multi-purpose gallery. This arrangement allows better orientation for openings on the façade in addition to clear protection from inclement weather.

Finalist at the International Palladio Awards, Vicenza
Diputación Foral Alava
Roberto Ercilla
Luis Mª Uriarte
Eduardo Martín
Juanma Sancho. Draftsman
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
Jose María Palacios
1.350 m²
Works Budget
516.165 €
Llodio -Alava-

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