Renovation Town Hall in Nanclares

The City Hall building of Iruña de Oca, located in Nanclares, was poorly adapted to current administrative use.
We looked to add light to the interior and increase building surface by adding another storey.
To do this, the building was completely emptied, preserving only the perimetrical stone masonry walls, its interior image.
The gabled roof was raised, separating it from the façades, using the floor beneath for offices.
This separation of the roof and façades also generates a continuous window that provides natural light along with a central skylight that tops the roof.
To resolve accessibility issues, an outer tower containing a lift was designed.
The upper levels are laid out around a central stairway that is suspended by a metal structure.

First Prize at the COAVN 1993 (Official Basque and Navarrese College of Architects) Awards, Interior Design category
City Hall Iruña de Oca
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Javier Bárcena. Architect
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
Javier García de Acilu
Construction Company
570 m²
Works Budget
266.974 €
Langraitz Street

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