Law Courts in Bilbao

Two buildings are planned to be placed on top of each other:
- The base building, which takes up a maximum amount of space on the lot and holds waiting rooms, services, and garages.
- Terraced pavilions for offices and administration

All work areas, even the smallest ones, have a window; some have excellent views over the city.
The main difficulty in the organization of the courts is undoubtedly the number of diverse levels of indoor traffic with very demanding requirements.
A 6.6 m-long, 3-dimensional model that holds 0,60 x 0,60 m sub-models gives shape to the whole of the skeleton.
The high pavilions are organized in a fishbone manner with a main circulation axis and staggered shape.
Two large granite screens finish off the sides of these patios, showing the module in its elevated quartering.

First Prize National Competition
Finalist fot the Architecti Prize, Lisbon
Basque Government
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo. Architect
Fernando Solé. Architect
Juanma Sancho. Draftsman
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
J.G Engineering. Instalations.
45.000 m²
Albia Gardens. Bilbao

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