Dwelling in Cáceres
Navatrasierra. 2002/2006

This is an agricultural property used for the cork and acorns of its trees, with a rich variety of landscapes and different ecosystems located in the mountains of Cáceres.
The house is self-sufficient as it does not have network service of any sort.
To maximally reduce its environmental impact, it was built in a terraced manner and adapted to the land, covering most of the house under a stone base. All of the façades and exterior pavements were done using existing stone from the former construction. The construction system was conceived with strong thermal inertia.
As it does not have electric energy, electricity is provided by 28 photovoltaic solar panels, accumulation and regulation. A regulating deposit is used to collect rain water.

Finalist Prize Civitas Nova 2007
Industrias Eze S.L.
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Laura Angulo. Architect
Eduardo Martín.Structural work
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
Elena Arévalo
Construction Company
638 m²
Works Budget
350.000 €
Navatrasierra. Cáceres

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