Dwelling in Ibiza 2

The traditional Ibiza house is organized by adding rooms, which give an imperfect image with high plasticity.
In house nº 2, the white cubic volumes are articulated among themselves by means of turns, generating interesting residual spaces and cross views.
This arrangement allows a close relationship between interior and exterior through the organic adaptation of the house on the lot, integrating the existing trees.
The house sits opposite the landscape, to the south, with views of the city of Ibiza, and opposite the mountains, to the north, with views of the countryside.

Joan Antoni Juan Cardona
Roberto Ercilla
Pep Ramón
200 m²
Works Budget
200.000 €
Jesús (Ibiza)
01-ibiza 2.jpg 06.jpg Can Joan I Rebeca 269.jpg 021-nocturna-porxada.jpg 019-nocturna-exterior.jpg Can Joan I Rebeca 226.jpg