2 Dwelling in Armentia

The scarce ability to build on the surface and the separation of uses in such a reduced space both led to the incorporation of two depressed patios. It is through these patios that each of the ground floor studios is reached.
These patios act as separating moats to the gardens, providing direct natural light and ventilation to underground areas.
Houses are developed on ground floor and first floor with a minimal program. The whole of the homes undergoes a base module of 150 cm.
The carpentry models take on different requirements by means of different openings on the base panel, with a constant horizontal and dimensional splitting.
Façades are done with small pieces of white glazed ceramic stoneware, completing the grey metal elements.
On the south façade, a different colour ceramic wall is trapped between the panels, revealing the modular intention of the building.

Selected at the 1st Spanish Architecture Biennial 80/90
Roberto Ercilla
Javier Urbiola. Draftsman
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
César San Millán. Photography
Technical Architects
J.Ignacio García Jalón
Construction Company
250 m²
Works Budget
120.000 €
San Saturio 10. Vitoria-Gasteiz

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