Housing Units environmentals in Ibaiondo
Vitoria-Gasteiz 1999

Traditional semi-detached grouping is normally organized on long, narrow lots, from east to west, thus missing out on the sunlight that south-facing homes receive.
The narrowness of the lot limits privacy among its residents. This type of housing is well protected from the cold, but does not work for summer.
Our proposal includes simple but efficient ideas.
- Replace long lots with square lots having the same surface area
- Face all housing units south, guaranteeing cross ventilation
- Outdoor spaces for private use are based on each one of the three floors of the building, arranged in a spiral form.
- The whole of the building is organized over a semi-underground base which corrects the existing slope and contains the garage and lower floor of the housing units.
- This semi-underground lower floor is articulated around garden patios that provide light and ventilation not only to the houses, but also to the garage located on that level.
- The large space for vehicular circulation becomes a bright and pleasant place that can also be used as a play area

Finalist Municipal Competition
Ayuntamiento Vitoria-Gasteiz
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Ana Aizpuru. Architect
Till Kindswater. Architect

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