120 Housing Units in Vitoria

The disappearance of the narrow-gauge train in Vitoria has allowed the recovery of this degraded area.
The office carries out the urban planning of the area through the creation of a tree-lined linear boardwalk that separates train tracks from houses.
A unitary solution for the entire south façade was designed. This façade will now be the visitor's first view as he/she arrives in Vitoria.

The concept of the façade is that of large panels or concrete dividers, wood finishing, and arcades on ground floor.
Different studios later develop their projects based on the established conditions.
In the middle of the boardwalk, there is a public establishment, a cafeteria located over the place under which vehicular traffic enters.

City Hall Vitoria-Gasteiz
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Juan Adrian Bueno
Javier Bárcena. Architect
Fernando Solé. Architect
Ernesto Larreátegui.Draftsman
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
Cesar San Millán.Photography
José Erbina. Vitoria

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