190 Housing Units in Salburúa
Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2004/2009

The proposed solution deals with the urban character of the closed block with a common open space for the community –the inner patio-.
To provide an adequate scale to the project, the following is proposed:
Unitary treatment of the outer façade by means of translucent glass cladding that "dematerializes" the strong presence of the closed block.
Regarding composition, the plans are grouped in twos, giving the façade a greater, less fragmented scale
The window model, represented in the sliding elements of the exterior façades, is moved to the inner façade. A puzzle of grey-toned pieces is composed based on this model, "pixelizing" the inner façade like a large mural.
The incorporation of a large tree in this inner space allows the lighter areas of the puzzle to relate to its presence. Besides the large openings made on façades, the patio opens up on ground floor on the shorter sides, north and south. Stands over the car ramp provide the image of public space.
The construction system of the cladding, before the glass façade, is made up of continuous insulating cladding that guarantees the absence of thermal bridges

First Prize in the Ensanche 21 Municipal Town Planning Society Competition
Larcovi S.A.L.
Roberto Ercilla
Miguel Angel Campo
Eduardo Martín. Structural work
G.E. Engineering
Local 4. Landscape
Cesar San Millán. Photographer
Pedro Pegenaute. Photographer
Technical Architects
Amaia Vasallo
Jose Antonio Oyarbide
Construction Company
EBA- Grupo San José
27.715 m²
Works Budget
13.905.000 €
Alejandro Mendizabal
Salburua. Vitoria
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